Anonymous asked: “i miss tom so freaking much”

don’t we all. I’m sure he’ll reappear in some form or another

Anonymous asked: “You have a right to be a fan of tom milsom's music, but supporting him in the way you are, your supporting rape culture. That's disgusting.”

There’s a difference between appreciating art and supporting the decisions of the artist.

Anonymous asked: “This is not as question but a thank-you to a fellow fan with a mighty rad blog. < 3 :)”



Tom on stage at SitC 2013


Tom on stage at SitC 2013

Anonymous asked: “please answer my ask this time. i'd loooove to see you defend an abuser even more. or just go inactive, who cares. by continuing the use of this blog, you are actively supporting an abuser and thats really terrible.”

I think you should unfollow?
All of this YouTube scandal business has gotten a bit out of hand I think. Let the people themselves deal with their issues. Telling me to shut down my account achieves absolutely nothing. Continue on with your life pls

Anonymous asked: “regarding the olga post: sure, his actions don't change the fact that he's a talented artist. however he doesn't deserve fans after what happened. its not your place to "forgive him" because 1. you are not Olga! and 2. he does not deserve it. i also hope he can get past this and learn from it, but it will take time, and until then he deserves no support whatsoever. the last part where you say that Olga would be ruining Tom's life if they were lying is victim blame. you're siding with the abuser.”

I can support whomever I like and it is not your place to tell me otherwise.

Anonymous asked: “hi you're still defending an abuser by keeping this blog up. you're still supporting him. in that ask you got, you said you hope he could move on and still have fans. HE DOES NOT DESERVE FANS because olga was a fan, and he abused her. you also stated that you hoped olga told the full truth. i hope she did too, but by accusing her of lying like that, you're saying her story is invalid. if you arent siding with the abused person, you're siding with the abuser. i hope you consider this”

You shouldn’t tell me what to do. It is not my right to punish anyone.
Thanks for the ask though, even though it was quite aggressive, I do like the attention.

Anonymous asked: “Do you think the olga thing is true ?”

It doesn’t matter what I think. Punishment will be given to the guilty by the law. Hate mail achieves nothing.

Anonymous asked: “Is the only thing you have to say to Olga 'I hope you're not lying'? Like whatever, your points about the fact that Tom is capable of rebuilding himself and becoming a better person after what he has done are valid but at the same time, your words for Olga should have been words of sympathy and support, not ones of doubt.”

I don’t know either of these people irl, it is not my obligation to say or do anything.


Springsong by Tom Milsom